TodoBravo participa al Evento «ESCP Career Week» los 11, 12 y 13 de enero 2016 organizado por ESCP Europe en el campus de Madrid Moncloa.

Fundada en 1819, ESCP Europe fue la primera escuela de negocios del mundo. Casi 200 años después, es una de las mejores escuela de negocio del mundo (Según el European Business School Rankings 2015 de Financial Times, ESCP Europe ocupa la undécima posición).

TodoBravo presentará una conferencia de una jornada sobre el tema del «Personal Branding», conferencia en inglés.

Personal Branding by TodoBravo

Idioma: English.


  • Goals 1: Understand the self marketing power, how to build a powerful Personal. Branding in a 5-step process: discover, create, communicate, maintain, monitor.
  • Goals 2: Know the expert tips and the top platforms to stand out in a career. But also find out the worst platforms and most dangerous web behaviors that might generate a bad e-reputation
  • Goals 3: Build an E-reputation that thrives on each one unique passions and talents, and bring it IRL (In Real Life) to gain the perfect professional profile, Teaching Methods, The course is a combination of lectures, in-class brainstorming sessions, business cases and testimonials.

9h30-13h30: Branding (part 1).

Professor: Jean-Damien Hobe, CEO Co-founder TodoBravo.

  • Differences between Real life Identity and Digital Identity.
  • Be aware of the opportunities and threats of the personal branding.
  • Decrypt the popular 2.0 themes: E-reputation, Digitalize Me, Social Media, CSR, Recruitment 2.0, job boards, Enterprise 2.0, Big Data, Cloud…
  • Mixing “Private web browsing” & «Professional web browsing: how to manage and control the visible information about me.


14h30-17h30: Branding (part 2).

  • The best tips to evaluate its current e-reputation and remove compromising traces detected.
  • Anticipating the “Internet of things” wave and learn how recruiters use Google, YouSeeMii, Yatedo and others to scan individuals digital identities.
  • Being a power user of the popular social platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, About.Me, DoyouBuzz.

17h30-18h30: LinkedIn, How to use it effectively.

Lecturer: Rául Suárez, Enterprise Account Manager, LinkedIn España

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